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EU to rethink its migration policy

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hop over to this website by Camilla Adelle,  GovInn Senior FellowEU to Rethink its Migration Policy

additional reading A special meeting of European Commissioners is to review the EU’s migration policies after Antonio Guterres, the UN’s high representative for refugees, labeled the EU’s asylum policy as ‘dysfunctional’ and urged all EU Member States to take their fair share of asylum seekers.

The humanitarian crisis in Syria has led to thousands of displaced people arriving at the EU’s borders. Germany and Sweden alone are taking the bulk of these applications for asylum while the countries with a Mediterranean coastline, such as Italy and Greece, are bearing the brunt of the immediate influx.

This has led to renewed calls for an EU level system for dealing with asylum applications which may not go so far as a quota system but could help spread the resettlement of refuges more evenly across the EU. Since 1999 the Eu has been working towards an EU wide asylum system but progress has been limited, not least by an EU law which came into force in 1997 which determines that Member States are responsible for considering the applications of those seeking asylum.

In 2015, the EU Commissioner for migration, home affairs and citizenship, Dimitris Avramopoulos is undertaking a ‘comprehensive review’ of migration policy in relation to both asylum seeks and legal immigrants. This is expected to lead to a proposed new policy direction later this year as part of the European Agenda for Migration in 2015.

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