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Natural disasters and displacement of people: African Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) Group launch a Compendium of Risk Knowledge Posted in Notes African Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) Group launch a Compendium of Risk Knowledge
by Camilla Adelle, GovInn Senior Fellow

look what i found A few days away from the third UN World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction, 14­18 March 2015, Sendai, Japan, the African Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) Group launched a Compendium of Risk Knowledge. The report shows that disaster risk in ACP countries is considerably higher than in other regions, with 12 countries from Sub-Saharan Africa amongst the 20 most-at-risk from disasters in the world.

Every five days, an ACP country confronts a major hazard that could become the next deadly disaster, destroying years of development and potentially leading to the displacement of tens of thousands of people.

Both the number of hazards and the economic damage caused by disasters has been rising due to the effect of climate change and the increase in exposed assets. The report also notes that over a long period of time, ACP countries on average will lose USD 6.9 billion per year from disasters, representing 2.3% of their total GDP.

The publication aims to provide a snapshot to policy and decision-makers of the various risks faced across ACP countries but alsovaluable on­going efforts to reduce them.

Read the full report on the EU Commission website