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South Africa’s new draft policy on international migration

In Tralac, researcher JB Cronje outlines the South African Department of Home Affairs recently published Green Paper on International Migration.

“The South African Department of Home Affairs recently published a Green Paper on International Migration (Government Gazette 40088, 24 June 2016) for public comments. It argues that the current international migration policy should be replaced with a new managed migration approach that is in line with the African development agenda. The publication of such a discussion document should be viewed as the start of a law-making process followed by the publication of a more refined discussion document, a White Paper, which represents a broad statement of government policy on a particular issue. Overhaul of South Africa’s immigration policy is long overdue. The current policy on international migration is set out in the 1999 White Paper on International Migration and is supported by the Refugee Act of 1998 (under review) and Immigration Act of 2002 (as amended).”


The full article can be found here.