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Regions Without Borders is an initiative of the UNESCO-UNU Chair in Regional Integration, Migration and Free Movement of People.

In June 2014 Lorenzo Fioramonti was awarded the UNU-UNESCO Chair of Regional Integration, Migration and Free Movement of People.

Lorenzo Fioramonti ( is Professor of Political Economy at the University of Pretoria (South Africa) and he is the founding director of the Centre for the Study of Governance Innovation. He is also Senior Fellow at the Centre for Social Investment of the University of Heidelberg and at the Hertie School of Governance (Germany) and Associate Fellow at the United Nations University. Fioramonti is the first and only Jean Monnet Chair in Africa.


Read Fioramonti’s own take on migration and regional integration as well as his plans for the future of the Chair in this interview (August 2014)

In his own words:

“Regionalism must work for the people. This is our approach. There are many reasons why regional governance is better positioned to address transnational challenges. And there are ways to designing regionalism so that it supports human development while creating opportunities for transnational cooperation. That’s what we need to investigate. Alternative regionalisms are now more important than ever.”

What is a UNESCO-UNU Chair?

UNESCO Chairs are established within the UNITWIN/UNESCO Chairs Programme. The programme was conceived by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) as a way to advance research, training and programme development in higher education by building university networks and encouraging inter-university cooperation through transfer of knowledge across borders. Since it was set up in 1992 the programme has aroused great interest among Member-States. Today, around 700 UNESCO Chairs and approximately 70 so-called UNITWIN Networks are established within the Programme, involving over 812 institutions in 128 countries.

A UNU-UNESCO Chair is a Chair that is established by the United Nations University (UNU), UNESCO and a university, institution of higher learning or research institution in higher learning. The Chair’s activities must correspond to both UNESCO’s mandate and UNU objectives.

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